Should You Bother Making Sexual Advances To Gay Men?

When we come upon those who show amorous bias against feminine men, say the gay man who writes 'no femmes' as a self-description on his Grindr profile, we might find ourselves reach for possible conclusions about their nature: They must be sufferers of internal homophobia, or they must be governed by prejudice, or they must... Continue Reading →

You Should Care What Others Think Of You

I never imagined I would hear an asiatic man say: I believe the white race is the superior race. But it is what I heard while watching an episode of BBC's Queer Britain. The BBC show which explores unique issues in the gay community on this episode addressed preference and prejudice. With an interest to... Continue Reading →

Does Coming Out Matter?

A friend I will call Somto and I were talking about coming out, as a topic. Naturally, I brought up the most recent piece I had published here on Glowrite. His face folded into bemusement as he read the piece through the screen of his phone. Then he put his expression of bemusement into words.... Continue Reading →

Into The Light

Paul felt at home wherever he went but he knew he was home in Chima's house.  The chandelier in the sitting room of Chima's house was held by a line so thin, the chandelier seemed to float in air. Chima sat in a three seater couch with a gamepad in his hands. The marble glistened... Continue Reading →

Ignorance Is Not The Enemy

Sometimes, it can be a challenge to sense whether a person's hostility is poised towards male-femininity or male-homosexuality. An example of this challenge comes from my own experience: I had come out to Dike, a close friend who identifies as straight. Dike expressed rejection at the idea of my homosexuality. He looked into my eyes... Continue Reading →

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