Why Staying In The Closet Can Be A Brave Thing

We are proud of people who, as we like to put it, live their truth. These are the people who can, in public, offer a simple response to a rather scary question: Are you gay?... Yes. Those who lie attract our scorn: The man who knows about his gayness yet decides to marry a woman.... Continue Reading →


Into The Light

Paul felt at home wherever he went but he knew he was home in Chima's house.  The chandelier in the sitting room of Chima's house was held by a line so thin, the chandelier seemed to float in air. Chima sat in a three seater couch with a gamepad in his hands. The marble glistened... Continue Reading →

Ignorance Is Not The Enemy

Sometimes, it can be a challenge to sense whether a person's hostility is poised towards male-femininity or male-homosexuality. An example of this challenge comes from my own experience: I had come out to Dike, a close friend who identifies as straight. Dike expressed rejection at the idea of my homosexuality. He looked into my eyes... Continue Reading →


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