Why It’s OK to Identify as Bisexual

Every gay man has a friend (or knows someone who has a friend) that, despite evidence pointing to the true nature of his sexuality, identifies as bisexual. It can seem quite odd hearing this friend (whom we sense with forbidding-certainty swings the gay way) confess his bisexuality. ‎In moments like this, we might find ourselves... Continue Reading →


Raising (Broken) Boys

It seems obvious, and it is worthy of restatement: boys are meant to be masculine and girls are meant to be feminine. This dichotomy has been with the human race since the earth began. We, as a culture, need men to be men. Its better that way. Society as a whole functions better when everyone... Continue Reading →

On Being Gay

Living in certain parts of Nigeria is hard. It matters little how much you have, you will face some hardship. Be it from epileptic electricity, the jagajaja nature of roads, or the political uncertainty from having to witness what comes across as the maddening incompetence of those running the government. Being gay, and having to... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Being A Slut

No one likes being called a slut, unless the one who accords us this title is that special person we have amorously awarded permission to do to us as they please. It is a label associated with the very essence of unholiness: the slut is the person who shows no restrain to the activity of... Continue Reading →

On Coming Out

Courage is a laudable virtue. It is shown by those who act on their beliefs despite dangers and disapproval. But it's becoming increasingly common to come across sentiments that confuse stupidity with courage. In the dynamic between out-gay-men and closeted-gay-men, the out-gay-man occupies the virtuous space of the brave. He has gone through the formidable... Continue Reading →


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