On Coming Out

Courage is a laudable virtue. It is shown by those who act on their beliefs despite dangers and disapproval. But it's becoming increasingly common to come across sentiments that confuse stupidity with courage. In the dynamic between out-gay-men and closeted-gay-men, the out-gay-man occupies the virtuous space of the brave. He has gone through the formidable... Continue Reading →

Living Behind Grey Scenes

There we sat. He said things and turned to look at me from time to time. Gatherings of hair on his face softened me; the way they guarded his eyes and mouth like a prize. The gathering atop his mouth made his lips seem like a separate entity, calling, pulling to have me place mine... Continue Reading →

Deceitful Truth

You screamed don't go when he made to leave. But he sat up and left. He didn't hear you. No one heard you; thanked god they didn’t. The scream happened in your head, a psychic eruption to force the will of another, only to be stopped by a fear that doing so would be to... Continue Reading →

Why You Act Like a Girl

It seems like an odd sounding thing to receive. But, every once in a while, for us men with feminine dispositions, our ears become receptors to a mildly irritating question: why are you acting like a girl? Sometimes, it's a benign question; the intent of the questioner is fueled only by curiosity. Other times, it's... Continue Reading →


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