An Understanding of What It Means to Have Faith.

For some of us, God dies the moment we acknowledge our gay nature. Marrying our faith with being gay seems inconceivable. To aim at joining the two is like succumbing to a sin more atrocious than acknowledging the quality of our sexuality, it is like agreeing to sleep with Satan. The more reasonable path to... Continue Reading →


How To Stay Safe Using Grindr

My best friend was nabbed by hoodlums. He is the careful type but the trick used by the thugs bypassed his careful nature. He was beaten. His phones were taken. Allow me withhold how much money was withdrawn with his ATM and the time he got home in the dark morning. The cause? A hook... Continue Reading →

Fortune and The Evil of a Hook up 

Some stories stream into our lives with the resonance of events that happen to far away people - they are never about people within our circle, people we know. A desire to connect leads us straight into an ambush. In the midst of the conundrum, we are nothing but a blend of humiliating rage. Yet,... Continue Reading →

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