Living Behind Grey Scenes

There we sat. He said things and turned to look at me from time to time. Gatherings of hair on his face softened me, the way they guarded his eyes and mouth like a prize. The gathering atop his mouth made his lips seem like a separate entity, calling, pulling to have me place mine... Continue Reading →


He Would Rather Bleed To Death

My friend called me to tell me he was bleeding from his anus. I remember when I first saw a blood stain on a tissue paper I had used to wipe my butt. The bright red stain smeared with the shit on the white tissue signalled to me that this was a very wrong combination.... Continue Reading →

Why Did He Have To Seek To Escape?

I will call him *Chika. A dear friend. The first day I saw him, I couldn't stop laughing. The way he swayed his hands, pursed his lips and batted his eyelashes. It pointed to one thing: homo. Last week Chika called me to say he was dying. That's all he said before the phone went... Continue Reading →


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