Into The Light

Paul felt at home wherever he went but he knew he was home in Chima's house.  The chandelier in the sitting room of Chima's house was held by a line so thin, the chandelier seemed to float in air. Chima sat in a three seater couch with a gamepad in his hands. The marble glistened... Continue Reading →

Living Behind Grey Scenes

There we sat. He said things and turned to look at me from time to time. Gatherings of hair on his face softened me, the way they guarded his eyes and mouth like a prize. The gathering atop his mouth made his lips seem like a separate entity, calling, pulling to have me place mine... Continue Reading →

Deceitful Truth

You screamed don't go when he made to leave. But he sat up and left. He didn't hear you. No one heard you; thanked god they didn’t. The scream happened in your head: a psychic eruption to force the will of another, only to be stopped by a fear that doing so would be to... Continue Reading →

The Flaw in All of Us

It started around age ten or eleven. Or maybe a bit later at sixteen, it’s hard to recall. Despite all you felt and heard about its wrongness you reasoned giving it a go couldn't be so bad. You had seen your mates do it so casually within the high walls that protected your boarding school... Continue Reading →

A Sweet Cuddle

I knew I was in the right place. His right thigh was atop mine. Warmth danced underneath my skin. I felt my inner space. It was empty. Free. Flowing with just water. Warm. In darkness, my spirit hovered over the water. Knowing it was pure and safe. I lifted his hand from my side. I... Continue Reading →

Kisses In The Moonlight

KIM-2 The room was too dark. Peter tried to make out the white ceiling. He was unsure if he saw the ceiling or if his mind made one up. He felt choked by the darkness. A small orange light shone from a wall socket. It looked sharp and piercing but it did little in illuminating... Continue Reading →

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