Understand What it Means to be Discreet

Because it is possible for a mother to disown her offspring, from having learned of his/her homosexual tendencies, a phenomenon exists of homosexuals who keep their homosexuality to themselves (and sometimes to a select few). The style for this mode of operation comes served in one word: Discreet.

Silhouette of a strong fighter

To be discreet, in gay lingua, is to be hush about the propagation of one’s or another’s homosexual tendencies and the manifestation of those tendencies.

In a normal world, discretion would be fine. To be discreet – to exercise care and prudence – is expected of any cultured person. But in the world most of us live, a world where hints of homosexuality inspires animosity, gay people have come to expect and demand a certain kind of manifestation of discretion. Let’s call it concealment.

It has to be said that this manifestation of discretion isn’t discretion at all.

For most of us, to be discreet about our homosexuality means to conceal our homosexuality. But being wise about a subject matter and being silent about a subject matter are two different things.

One opens up possibilities. The other presents only one possibility.

A mother can disavow her offspring as a result of homosexuality but only a true kind of discretion as exhibited by her offspring can reveal the true nature of her motherhood.

Question(s) of the day: Would you describe yourself as discreet? Please let me know in comments.

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