Stick To Your Center

There are places you arrive at which shake you up in ways that prove hard to describe with words. Sometimes it’s good. Other times it’s gradations below good, towards something close to awful.

In our time, we don’t associate Christianity with extremes – unlike our experience of its Islamic counterpart, where stories of gay people thrown out off roofs abound. But there are Christain dominated places where the concept of Homosexuality, at least on the surface, seems unfathomable. I am in such a place, and I find myself with an increasing sense to anchor my bearings.

But what is there to anchor? What I am concerned may be demanded is impossible: I find it’s beyond the limit of possibility for me to develop romantic feelings for people outside my gender group. I can only fall into romantic bonds with men.

How do you tell this to a stranger? A person whom your friend introduces as his friend, a person who speaks in terms of spirits, angels and demons.

The goal should always be present people, as well as we can, with an accurate depiction of what reality presents.

The real question is: how do you convince the stranger homosexuality isn’t a misery inducing spiritual failure fought against by angels and inspired only by demons?

Sometimes you can’t, and you should defer from bothering. But it is always about communicating from your bearings, your center, the part of you which is authentically you.


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