The Beauty of Time: Freedom

Some people call freedom an illusion. Others call it the one thing that determines everything. But everyone agrees it is desirable.

Desire runs the world. Some people call it emotion. So we say emotions runs the world. That way, we can portray people as less needy or desirous.

Emotions brings things into motion. It depends on who has it the strongest. 

Want to move a mountain? Think of how bad you want to. Or, how much you need to. That will determine if the mountain moves or if it remains. If your life or your child’s life depended on it, chances are the mountain will move regardless of what anyone told you.

Time is the only free thing I know (though, physicist say there are parts of the universe where it is not so free). Its graceful flow like the pouring of a waterfall can give a glimpse into the essence of freedom.

It’s difficult to talk about freedom, in the human context, without mentioning choice. That is the only demonstration of freedom we have. It is the so called gap between stimuli and response. The only place where freedom is true.

The problem is we are blinded from it. Our desires blind us. We want to be heard. We want to be loved. We want to be free. Its easy to laugh at a man who is looking for his car key when it was in his left pocket the whole time. However, many of us go about looking for something we already have. We forget we always have freedom.

I suggest we stop and laugh at ourselves sometimes. Just the way we would laugh at a man who was looking for something in front of him. It flames the sense that nothing has power over us. The fact that we forget is what makes it hard. It’s OK to forget. The key is to bring ourselves back when we remember. To be free.

Just think about time. Or, the seconds hand of a clock. Regardless of what we think about it. It moves on. That’s freedom.

Enjoy my Blog.

You are Awesome. Always.

2 thoughts on “The Beauty of Time: Freedom

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  1. I’m glad i am the first to comment. Please continue writing. I’ve come to value your thoughts. I hope by some fate, I get to know you.

    You are awesome


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