Current Obession: God Made You Beautiful

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Most of us are have physical attributes that border beautiful. We let the world know this through selfies. We remind ourselves of this when fronting mirrors. We seek out those who remind us of (or, at least, acknowledge) this beauty. Still, a handful of us also exist who the rest would attest fall far below the description of what it means to be beautiful.

Sit for a moment. Think about beauty. What does it mean? Who defines it? Why is there a distinction between those who we call beautiful and those who fall below the standard? Who scaled the standard? Does everyone measure their sense of beauty by this standard?

Most of us don’t feel beautiful. We seek validation for our beauty through selfies. We count our flaws when we front mirrors. We let the world dictate to us its definition of beauty. Yet, all of us posses a beauty that transcends definition and shames limitations.

Most times, I feel beautiful. Other times, not so much. ¬†At times when I don’t feel beautiful, I realize I have narrowed my definition of beauty to only encompass the physical and how I fall below the perfection i see in magazines that portray “beauty”.

It’s important that we shed our definition of beauty. And, if we must have a definition, we must embrace the one that says: beauty is boundless, its boundaries rest in the mind of those to perceive it. With this, its easy to have a intellectual and emotional basis for where we place ourselves on the scale of beauty. We can use the standard of the world and place it at ugly or we can use a better standard to place it at beautiful. It’s up to us. The world will response in accordance.

“God made you beautiful” has been on replay for a good part of the past three days. It’s a music single by Beyonce. It inspired this post.

Enjoy my Blog.

You are awesome.

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