Nigeria’s Hottest Men (Too Hot!)

Seven Nigerian Hot Men can only do so much in sparking eros excitement. I am a man; a creature of desire, a creature with senses, a creature apt to be insatiable.

That being said, it’s only natural to think there are other Nigerian men whose physical essence leave me excited with warm sensations of horniness. Let’s count five.

1. Peter Okoye.

I know a sexy man when thinking about sleeping with him is easy. I might be staring at the gold line cycled around his ring finger, but in my mind, the wife the ring represents doesn’t exist; her husband’s hotness has melted her existence away.

Peter makes being a busy-body towards him effortless. All I want is his attention. I can’t ask for too much. We can just be friends and talk.

(The fair sexiness standing next to Peter eclipses the house and cars in the background. Anyone who can do that is a worthy bonus).

Photo Source:
Photo Source:

2. Flavour.

Look at that picture (of Flavour) below and tey me you feel nothing.

All that clouds my mind anytime I eye that picture is sex. Hot, steamy, consuming sex. I refuse to care about how it’s done or how it happens. Let it happen!

Pop all mah buttons and rip mah male blouse! How ever you want it Flavour, it’s done.

Photo Source:
Photo Source:

3. Chris Attoh.

I know he is not a Nigerian. But he has been mingling with our kind for too long. As a Nigerian (wey no dey carry last), I can’t let something so good looking pass me by.

Soft background music. His hands around my waist. A slow dance.

Photo Source:
Photo Source:

4. Banky W.

*Would you be my lover?* Yes! Yes! YES! (falls in his arms and we live happily ever after).

Photo Source:
Photo Source:

5. D.J Exclusive.

The first time I attended a music concert, it was at Eko Hotels and Suites, Victoria Island. D.J Exclusive blew me away. His disk jockey skills were awesome.

It’s only natural I saw him in my dreams that night, pelvis throbbing and doing things that should only be discussed by grown ups.

Photo Source:
Photo Source:

The End. (Or is it?)

DISCLAIMER:  Just like Sam Smith I may not fancy a one night stand. But, these men can seriously make me reconsider. I have no affliation to any, and I know nothing of the status of their sexual orientation or preference. I am just a single guy who gets horny.

Enjoy my Blog.

You are Awesome.

Who are the hot men you fancy?

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