Stick To Your Center

There are places you arrive at which shake you up in ways that prove hard to describe with words. Sometimes it’s good. Other times it’s gradations below good, towards something close to awful. In our time, we don’t associate Christianity with extremes - unlike our experience of its Islamic counterpart, where stories of gay people... Continue Reading →


How Do You Describe Homosexuality to a Heterosexual Person*?

It's quite simple. Bring to the fore the nature of the kind of amorous attraction they themselves experience. Point out it is a detail of nature, the kind of which manifests regardless of the needs and wants of people. The problem often arises when the person to whom we are trying to present with a... Continue Reading →

Play Devil’s Advocate

It might be tempting, exhilarating even, to invest in giving homophobes a piece of our mind. Give them a dose of what we think without regard for what they think. But this is often a recipe for disaster. More often than we might like (or have the patience to recognize), in efforts to forge understanding, the... Continue Reading →

Does Coming Out Matter?

A friend I will call Somto and I were talking about coming out, as a topic. Naturally, I brought up the most recent piece I had published here on Glowrite. His face folded into bemusement as he read the piece through the screen of his phone. Then he put his expression of bemusement into words.... Continue Reading →

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